At My Cellphone Repairs we provide world class customer service, low cost repairs and fast return time. Our certified master technicians are always available during business hours to answer any questions you may have.We are committed to offering the most affordable yet top-notch computer repair services in Maryland.


When you need your cell phone repaired, call a professional servicer.

Water Damaged

icon-1Water Spilled


icon-1Red indicator in water

icon-1Take out battery and rush it to us asap

Physical Damaged

icon-1Phone broke in half

icon-2Ran Over

icon-1Broken main lens

icon-1Phones chewed by dog

Display Issues

icon-1Cracked screens

icon-2White screens

icon-1No display

icon-1Ink spots

Signal Issues

icon-1No signal

icon-2Drop calls


Power Issues

icon-1Phone not powering on

icon-2Turns on then off

icon-1Phone flashes or overheat

Cosmetic Upgrade

icon-1Housing replacement

icon-2Faded keypad

icon-1Missing housing peices

Software Issues

icon-1Phone frozen

icon-2Won’t load to main screen

icon-1Missing Icons or features

icon-1Software update or restore

Charging Issues

icon-1Broken charging port

icon-2Not holding charge

icon-1Phone overheat when charging

icon-1Loose charging port

Keypad Issues

icon-1Keypad not functioning

icon-2Missing keys

icon-1Keys stuck

icon-1Keys pressing automatically

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